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Quaffable Rieslings, re-usable takeout containers, and why the pandemic pop-up might not be worth it.

Field planted with rows of green grapevines, with the sun setting over mountains in the background.
This summer, stock up on Rieslings from Colorado wine country. / Courtesy Colorado Wine Industry Development Board

Here’s what we’re reading (and watching!) this week:

Get familiar with Colorado somm Maia Parish’s picks for local Rieslings (aka porch pounders and pool loungers) this summer.

As bans on single-use plastic are popping up everywhere, should you consider re-usable takeout containers?

Is striking out on your own worth it? The pros and cons of pandemic pop-ups, and why some chefs are leaving them behind to return to restaurant kitchens.

Blaine Wetzel of Lummi Island’s Willows Inn is accused of sexual harassment and racist and sexist behavior, but depressingly, it appears Costco chickens might be the agent of his destruction.

Go watch Crip Camp, an Oscar-nominated documentary about the nascent days of the disability rights movement—then read about why it’s so disappointing the film was passed over in favor of an octopus.

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