Raise a Glass to Everyday Heroes

Nominate the hospitality person who's done the most for your community and you can both take home some coin.

Illustration of chef wearing white chef's jacket, which chef's hat and red superhero cape.
Not all heroes wear capes (because they catch fire in the kitchen). / Copyright: rastudio

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Restaurants are often among the first to step up for those in need. While charitable work generally isn’t undertaken with the expectation of positive PR, it’s still nice to receive acknowledgement for good deeds. And it’s even nicer if that acknowledgement comes with a financial bonus, especially given the past fourteen months.

The Cheers to Heroes campaign aims to honor people across the country for their community involvement with a $10,000 grand prize. Last year’s winner was Rosako Bailey, who owns and operates Rosako’s Soul Food & BBQ in Texas and runs a pay-it-forward program for veterans. (Unrelated, but absolutely deserving of all the money, is the fact that Bailey serves up turkey legs stuffed with everything from mac and cheese and brisket to creamy crawfish and shrimp étouffée.)

Nominations are being accepted through May 31—so customers, nominate the owner of the neighborhood joint that’s been helping out hungry families in your area. Hospitality workers, call out the people who kept you fed while you were furloughed. Operators, step up for your cohorts who provided frontline workers with meals in the thick of the pandemic.

Sonia Riggs, director of the Colorado Restaurant Association, summed it up, saying, “[Restaurants] are the first ones that contribute to the kids’ soccer teams and we’ve seen so many get out there and provide food to frontline workers. This is an industry with some of the most philanthropic people in it.” So now, it’s time to shine the spotlight on Colorado restaurants who have done right by their customers and communities.

One grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize (and the person who nominated them will namb $500); first- and second-place winners will get $7,500 and $5,000, respectively; and, in a massive tie for third place, 300 people will receive $500. Nominate the person who does the most here.

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