Cherry on Top

Luxardos: Are they really worth the price?

Overhead view of bowl of jar of Luxardo cherries, two cocktails in glasses garnished with cherries, bowl of almost black Luxardo cherries and cherries on Luxardo brand skewers against white marble countertop.
A 14-ounce jar of these little buggers can easily retail for $20—or more.

Most industry pros, including Crystal Sagan, founder and owner of Boulder’s Cocktail Caravan, argue that a cocktail is only as good as its worst ingredient. That’s why she thinks specialty components—like ultra-expensive Luxardo cherries—are worth the price tag. “We love using Luxardos as the finishing touch because they’re just as special as our cocktails,” she says. Sure, there are other garnishes that are pretty and fancy and taste good, but in Sagan’s book, there’s only one worth consistently investing in. “[Luxardos] feel like luxury, taste like luxury, and make your mouth happy. You can’t argue with that,” she says.

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