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Bitters, beer, and barks.

Bottle of Angostura bitters with an overlarge paper label next to a cordial glass with a cocktail in it against a rustic wooden backdrop.
Got feelings about the Angostura label? Us too. / ©Alex9500/123RF.COM

Angsty right hand, meet bitter left hand.

Tom Brown scours the Apple-achians saving heirloom fruit—over 1,000 varieties so far. 

Beer festivals are definitely back in craft-beer crazed Colorado, but some of the largest (and most prestigious) are still in flux.

Definitely listen to the deadpan comedian Tig Notaro’s advice podcast (even though she’s a reluctant giver of said advice). Start with episodes featuring Ira Glass and Roxane Gay.

Who’s a good boy? Everyone, at the Westminster dog show. While away the hours meeting the floofers and woofers who competed at last weekend’s contest of cute. 

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