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Fake coffee, bone luges, and the weird world of Costco influencers.

Seven steaming coffee cups against black background. Cups lined up in rainbow order.
That had better be coffee, not MUD/WTR. / Copyright: Patchanu Noree

Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Costco + the ‘gram + influencer = ….what?

The New Michelin? With Elon Musk encroaching on little brother Kimbal’s territory, look for Musk family dinners to get (even) weirder.

If you have a hard time saying no, this article—about when the “F” word isn’t “food”—is not for you (or maybe it is).

We snickered each and every time the phrase “bone luge” appeared in this writeup.

Settle in with a cup of (not) coffee and watch a caffeine-deprived shit-stirrer take on vowel-averse psychos. Hilarity ensues.

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