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This week with bonus (hate)reading, a Netflix food show that doesn't rely on slow-motion plating shots (and is all the better for it), and RRF controversy.

Shiny copper pots with lids on a wooden shelf in a kitchen.
"Making pots isn't rocket science" "Actually, Todd, it is." / Copyright: hecke

Never heard of oyster fat or Bellevue broth? You’ll want to whip them both up after watching this four-episode series that takes a heartbreaking and uplifting journey from Benin’s Door of No Return to Carolina Low Country, NYC, and Philly as it follows the path of African cuisine in America. Based on the book of the same name by Jessica B. Harris, it also features Colorado’s own Adrian Miller.

What would you call an agricultural worker making $4.50 per day? 

We did it so you don’t have to. We picked up World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever—begrudgingly, because if Bourdain loathed travel guides, why publish one with his name on it? Written by his assistant Woolever, the book, not surprisingly, lacks Tony’s characteristic depth and feels recap-y—especially if you’re already familiar with No Reservations and Parts Unknown. How do you educate people about food history when you’re banned from using the word “slavery?”

In the Counterjam podcast, Peter J. Kim, who heads up food content for Pinterest, explores Asian culture and identity through food and music. He and his guests—who run the gamut from LA chef Roy Choi to comedian Yumi Nagashima—banter about kimchi refrigerators, American sushi as a product of adaptation, unrealized dreams, and so much more.

Whiny white men aren’t the only people contesting the RRF rules; now you can add strip club owners to that list.

Is this 510-footlong a record setter? Maybe not, depending on your definition of “cheesesteak.”

The Eater video about a former rocket scientist who uses his skills to craft the best copper pots in America.

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