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If you’re considering enacting a vaccine or mask mandate in your business, you’re going to need all the tools at your disposal to make it work. Tune in tomorrow at 8 a.m. for a webinar on the science (actual science, not what your cousin Todd posted on Facebook about how a combo of Flamin’ Hot Doritos and Frank’s RedHot taken intravenously will kill coronavirus and make you live ’til 115) behind the effectiveness of these mandates and how you can use it to ease your road as owner, operator, and—now, again—public health enforcer.

The following information comes from the Colorado Restaurant Association’s August 16 newsletter. Sign up to receive the full version here.

Webinar From the National Restaurant Association on Thursday, August 19 at 8 a.m. MT: Vaccine and Mask Mandates—Use Science to Make Your Case

As the delta variant puts COVID-19 cases on the rise again—mostly among unvaccinated populations—state and local mandates requiring proof of vaccination and/or face coverings to dine indoors also are on the rise. Dr. Vishnu Chundi and Dr. Stephen Ondra from the Chicago Medical Society join Larry Lynch, the National Restaurant Association’s SVP, Science & Industry, to provide the science behind the effectiveness of these precautions. If you choose to implement a vaccine or mask requirement in your individual establishment, you can use this information to develop consistent and effective messaging to explain your restaurant’s mandated policy and efforts to keep employees and guests safe when dining indoors.

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If you are considering implementing such a policy in your establishment, be aware of and prepare for the legal and logistical ramifications involved in enforcing the policy. 

These tips from the National Restaurant Association will help.

We have seen several cities across the country implement new mandates recently. View the details of requirements in San FranciscoNew Orleans, and Philadelphia

“Fucking magnets, how do they work? And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist!”

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