Vaxes and Taxes

Here's what operators should know about both of them.

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The Colorado Restaurant Association has tips if you’re thinking about requiring proof of vaccination for your guests, and Yelp is introducing a new feature for restaurants that will be instituting such policies. Plus, the federal government seems to be operating on a “one in, one out” basis when it comes to business tax credits.

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Tips on Asking for Vaccination Proof From the National Restaurant Association

Major cities across the country have either instituted or are considering mandates that require anyone planning to dine or work indoors at restaurants show proof they’re vaccinated and/or require face coverings. We are in daily communication with state and local public health officials, and at this time, such proof of vaccination is not mandated anywhere in Colorado. However, in the recent survey we conducted of our membership, we learned that some of you are interested in enforcing such a policy in your individual establishments. Before you ask your guests for proof of vaccination, be aware of and prepare for the legal and logistical ramifications involved in enforcing the policy. 

These tips from the National Restaurant Association will help.

Yelp Now Allowing Restaurants to Update Profiles With Vaccine Information

Yelp has announced that it will now allow restaurants to update their profiles to include information on levels of staff vaccinations and whether they require proof of vaccination for indoor dining. While Yelp outlines that this information can only be uploaded by the restaurant via its profile (as opposed to crowdsourcing), the company also stated that consumers will be able to filter restaurant search results by these two categories. Yelp will also monitor the profiles of any restaurants that add these features for negative/critical reviews regarding the policies.
You can see more from Yelp here.

Proposed Infrastructure Bill Would Set the ERTC to Expire on September 30

The Senate has passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, reauthorizing spending on existing federal public-works programs and funding improvements to the electrical grid and water projects. Included in the final bill is a provision to move the expiration date of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) from December 31, 2021 to September 30, 2021. The bill moves next to the House of Representatives for consideration, where we hope to see this deadline amended. We will keep you informed on what this means for your business as the bill moves through the House.

Click here to learn more.

Take Advantage of These New Tax Credits for Restaurants

The Treasury Department expanded a paid-leave tax credit to include workers who take time off to accompany a family or household member getting vaccinated against COVID-19 or to care for them if they have side effects.

Restaurants are also eligible to receive a tax break for hiring unemployed individuals. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit for hiring applicants from certain target groups who face significant barriers to employment—including individuals unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. Get the FAQs.

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