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Take a stand: Are ice-cold broth and peas in guacamole kitchen crimes?

Bowl of guacamole and perfectly ripe avocado cut in half.
Is this an endangered dish? / Copyright: serezniy

Actual, real-life elected officials are slamming an 8′ 2″ feathery yellow puppet as a communist

The Decatur Fresh Market in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood means residents don’t have to shop for “groceries” at 7-11 anymore. 

We’re Team Death Before Peas…at least in guacamole. But is the miraculous, mouth-watering avocado so unsustainable that we may have no choice? 

Maine voters just amended their state’s constitution to allow citizens to grow, produce, and eat whatever they want. Was this really necessary? 

This ode to Korean cold noodle dish naengmyeon dropped this summer, but it’s required viewing no matter the time of year. 

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