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That’s A Wrap

How one Denver restaurant is incorporating tech into its packaging to make for satisfied to-go customers.

Duo of (Scape)goat

With COVID fatigue setting in, financial losses mounting, and what's effectively a second shutdown starting, its no wonder the F&B industry is starting to feel targeted.

Preemptive Strike

Boulder's Salt made a decision well before Boulder County announced an end to indoor dining: It would shut down completely this winter and reopen next spring. Here's why.

Attention, Denver Patio Proprietors

Denver diners can still eat outside, so make sure they know about your heated patio. Here's how.

CRA: Red Alert

Devastating news for restaurants in a quarter of Colorado counties, plus what we know about the upcoming special legislative session, a town hall with Hick, and free flu shots.

Purple is the New Red

The state adds a new, highest level of COVID concern. Restaurants need to brace themselves for an end to indoor dining.

Cozy Outdoor Seating’s a Go(ndola) In Steamboat

Sometimes you don't need to look very far at all for inspiration. For Mountain Tap Brewery, it just took one glace out the window.

Too Many Tacos

Can you ever have too many tacos? To eat, definitely not. But what if the demand for them outstrips the limits of your space and staffing? Here's a sorta success story that still ended in a restaurant closure.

Operation Hibernation

Since May, the industry's been coming up with fun, creative solutions to increase seating in the face of restrictions. But come winter, will it even matter?