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COVID Clarification from the CRA

Guidance on table size, physical barriers between seating, arcade games, and bar seating.

Restaurant Diaries: The Seesaw

This Restaurant Diaries series brings you tales from the thick of it, in hospitality folks' own words.

Everyone’s A VIP

Is the future of food and drink festivals a future without lines?

Restaurants Rally the Vote

Our industry employs more than 11 million people and represents the broadest ranges of age, diversity, income, and opportunity. Here's how to make sure your workers' voices are heard.

Where to Start When It Feels Like the World is Ending

If you know you're struggling, but don't know who to ask for help, start here.

Our Mission

DiningOut will give authentic voice to the independent hospitality industry of Colorado.

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Call for Submissions

Send us something long or short, positive or negative, passionate or analytical. Dig as deep as you want. Nothing is off limits. We’ll be publishing both digitally and in print. Whether you want to tell your own story on a plate or a page, we’re here for you.

Cities Are Betting on Patio Weather through October

Denver and Boulder recently announced extensions of outdoor seating permits for bars and restaurants. What do you have to do to take advantage of the change?