So many great cocktails are found at The Stockroom, themed or not. | Photo by Ashley Beguin

Behind the Bar: Discovering the Ultimate Pop-Up at The Stockroom

The Arvada bar hosts themed events with really good drinks, but legally we can’t tell you what the subjects are.

BY Erica Buehler


Generally the premise of a speakeasy is to maintain a low-key, insiders-only reputation. For The Stockroom in Arvada, which boasts an entrance inside a bottle shop, that’s mostly true. However, when owners Casey and Emelye Adler started throwing meticulously planned pop-up events themed after beloved wizards, intergalactic heroes, and space robots, that changed. 

For starters, if you’re walking through Olde Town and spot a line of costumed individuals patiently waiting outside a wine and spirits shop, you’ve probably stumbled upon The Stockroom during one of its event periods. Enter through an unassuming door in the back to behold a small bar decked out with any of aforementioned themes, or simply in its normal speakeasy status. 

“Stakes are high for the fandoms,” says Emelye, whose background in events and experiential marketing put her in charge of transforming the space. “We do themes we’re interested in. It’s not just for a money grab, which feels ingenuine. The feedback from our customers is the events feel like they are passion-fueled.” 

Casey Adler and Mason Mears at the stockroom pop-up by Ashley Beguin
Owner Casey Adler (left) and his head bartender Mason Mears create amazing pop-ups. | Photo by Ashley Beguin

While the small bar hasn’t had issues launching the whimsical pop-ups before, now things will look a little different. Casey reached out to notify us The Stockroom won’t be able to continue the pop-culture motifs. But, he added that doesn’t mean themed events are over. As the Adlers work to navigate the next step, there are still plenty of reasons to visit The Stockroom.

How the Pop-Up Started

The experience, or the fruition of fantasy media coming to life, is paramount for these events. The Adlers’ main drivers are their dedication to the guest experience combined with their own passions. In fact, their personal investment as fans is the reason the pop-ups exist at all.

Specifically, a few years ago they had the impulse buy of roughly 100 Star Wars tiki mugs.

 “It was an unplanned night that became really fun, so we ran the event for the weekend,” said Casey, who opened the bar inside his bottle shop in 2021. “The people who showed up did so 100-percent from word of mouth.”

The Adlers and their team have been hosting these pop-ups for more than three years. Though the couple emphasizes The Stockroom is still a local hangout during the lulls between events. 

The Stockroom is a small bar hidden behind a door in a wine shop. | Photo by Ashley Beguin
The Stockroom is a small bar hidden behind a door in a wine shop. | Photo by Ashley Beguin

“We know your name and your drink, and you’re always going to get a high quality cocktail,” said Casey. In fact, many of the themed menu offerings garner inspiration from the venue’s Bartender Special. Available any day, this is the drink where the mixologists get to flex their creative muscles.

Creating Buzz Around a Theme

Today, word of mouth and social media remain the main marketing tools for the events. Casey grew the Instagram following entirely organically. Then event attendees post and help generate buzz in real time, 

When announcing a new theme and launch date, the following post has an immediate, wildly enthusiastic reception from fans. But the mere quality of execution for the Adlers’ pop-ups is what gets people talking and further promotes the space. 

“This is an analog experience in a digital world,” says Casey. “We’re all doing this because it’s fun, and even though we accidentally started something, we just want to do it the best we can.”

The Stockroom pop-u[ The Midnight Run, a Fernet-Branca cocktail Ashley Beguin
The Midnight Run, a Fernet-Branca cocktail created by the team. | Photo by Ashley Beguin

Creativity Behind the Bar

To put the pop-ups together has always been a group effort, both in drink creation and decorations, said Casey. Favorites from the last magical mixer event included fanciful drinks that The Stockroom is no longer able to advertise. While unmentionable by name, past drinks have shined with swirls of golden glitter. Some came in potion bottles, while another got lit on fire and reborn into a tasty concoction. 

“We wanted to create something that we would want to go to,” he added. “We respect the fact that you’re coming out here and spending money and waiting a few hours to have a good experience.” 

Yes, you read that right. Eager visitors can wait upwards of three or four hours outside Spirits Wine Provisions for a table during pop-ups. “We were in shock and incredibly flattered,” says Casey. “People waiting three hours to get into our bar, it’s very humbling.”

Those interested in visiting The Stockroom (for a pop-up or just for a casual drink during the week) can head to Wine Spirits Provisions in Olde Town Arvada and look for the blue key in the window; if it’s on, check in with the host at the register and enjoy what lies beyond the back door, not matter the theme. 

Find The Stockroom inside Spirits Wine Provisions.The bar is open Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday from 4 to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to midnight.  5713 Olde Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada,

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