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CRA: Counties Statewide Add Further Restrictions, Mitigation Plans

Arapahoe, Crowley, Elbert, and Otero counties are going backwards. Summit County knows who's coming to dinner, and counties from A to Y are implementing and enforcing stricter public health policies.

CRA: Local Delivery Fee Cap Meetings, Changing Wage Models, and More

Today's the last day to submit your application to the Energize Colorado Grant Fund, plus info on local efforts to cap delivery fees, how to change your wage model, and updated statewide rules and regs.

EatDenver: Double Down, Denver

Denver's COVID cases are at an all-time high and the city is thisclose to imposing even more stringent public health orders. Here's what restaurants can do to help.

CRA: More Booze Curfews, Grant Money in Metro Area

The Denver area announces new restrictions, but hasn't imposed additional capacity limits (yet); tune into Castle Rock and Commerce City meetings ; and DoorDash is trying to win hearts and minds with a new grant program.

Can I Reward My Employees for Voting?

You say "reward," the state says "bribe" (tomato, tomahto). Here's what you can and can't do for your people on election day.

CRA: More Masks, Free Money, Ominous Warnings from Denver

Want some good news along with your daily dose of COVID cautions? Yeah, you do. Take a look at the CRA's new list of grants and loans for businesses in big cities and tiny towns across the state.

CRA: Takeout Booze, Cheap COVID Testing, and Stop to Stimulus Talks

The Colorado Restaurant Association's most recent newsletter is stuffed to the gills. Here's the short and sweet version.

Denver Caps Third-Party Delivery Fee

Denver City Council wants to help restaurants that are doing more delivery than ever before. Now, they'll get a break, but only temporarily.

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