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Frank & Jacqueline Bonanno

Bonanno Concepts

Frank & Jacqueline Bonanno are obsessed –with the beauty and the energy and the very politics of food. Frank is obsessed with flavor combinations and plating styles, with mentoring new chefs. Jacqueline is obsessed with the magical hum of a happy dining room, the immersive design of a space, the flourish of a menu. Together, they’re obsessed with creating new dining experiences, opening new restaurants and shaping the surrounding neighborhoods. Together, they sit at the helm of Bonanno Concepts, a Denver-based, chef-driven restaurant family dedicated to deeply satisfying meals, outstanding service, education and community. The concepts include Mizuna, Luca, Osteria Marco, Green Russell, Russell’s Smokehouse, Salt & Grinder, Vesper Lounge, French 75, Lou’s Food Bar, Denver Milk Market and most recently, El Rancho Colorado.

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With Frank & Jacqueline Bonanno

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