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Kevin Burke, Culinary Creative Group

Kevin Burke

Culinary Creative Group

Kevin Burke has worked in the hospitality industry for the better part of two decades working roles in both the back of house and front of house. He found a natural fit behind the bar working in progressive restaurants where collaboration between the beverage team and the kitchen was encouraged. Currently he is Director of Hospitality for The Culinary Creative in Denver, Colorado. Occasionally you can catch him behind a bar but he is really currently enjoying developing and training the next generation of bar and restaurant professionals.

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With Kevin Burke

Week 3: What are your Top Favorite Burgers in Colorado?

  1. A5 That burger f*$#s
  2. Lucy’s Burger Bar The Juicy Lucy
  3. Shake Shack If one has gone full Goblin Mode
  4. My Brother’s Bar JCB – If you don’t have an upcoming cardiology checkup.
  5. Bud’s – Cash only, no fries, but chips are an excellent option

Week 2: What are your top 3 Favorite Spots to Grab a Cocktail?

  1. Death & Co. – Simply some of the best drinks in the city, and it’s large enough that there is often room to sneak in.
  2. Williams & Graham – It’s often a great spot to sneak in on a weeknight after running service in the highlands.
  3. Lady Jane – They often call last call early, so it’s rarely an afterwork spot, but if I’m meeting friends for a happy hour it’s one of the best.

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. A5 Steakhouse – It’s a great vibe, the product is impeccable, and service is really outstanding.
  2. Hop Alley – I find myself here when I know I want to go out for dinner and never want to be disappointed. Stealthy wine list that’s one of the best in Denver, great execution from the service team and kitchen team.
  3. Uncle Ramen – OG or WashPark – Often imitated but never outdone.
  4. Zoe Ma Ma Union Station – Somehow they’re immune to inflationary pressures. They were early adopters to a service charge model to take care of their team and pay everyone a living wage.
  5. Bellota

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