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Orlando Benavidez, Bits & Pieces

Orlando Benavidez

Bits & Pieces con cerveza

Benavidez began his culinary journey as a teen in New Mexico developing farm-to-table practices by working on his grandpa’s farm and in his grandma’s kitchen. Locally, he has worked for big names including Richard Sandoval Restaurants, Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group, and Big Red F. Now the successful owner of long standing food truck Bits & Pieces, you can find his food at Sun Room Brewery and at the newly opening Choice Market in RiNo. You can also enjoy his staple Red and Green Hatch Tortillas, dry rubs, and wing sauces!

Panelist Picks:

With Orlando Benavidez

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. Bellota – The food is amazing. Traditional with a twist. The tacos are my favorite part of the dining experience, and ambience is exceptional.
  2. La Diabla – Everything on the menu is amazing, and the dining experience makes me feel like I’m in Mexico.
  3. Kikes Red Tacos – These are the best birra tacos in the city! This food truck is a must. Their other taco options are amazing as well.
  4. Santa Fe Roadrunner – The Roadrunner has the best Indian fry bread taco and green chili in Denver by far! This is definitely one of the best food trucks in Denver offering New Mexican fare. Must try in my book.
  5. El Camaron Loco – One of my favorite traditional Mexican food spots to go to. They offer so many traditional plates, and they do everything fresh made to order.

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