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Ryan Fletter, Barolo Grill

Ryan Fletter

Barolo Grill

Ryan Fletter moved in his early teens to Colorado from Chicago, IL. He started in restaurants at 14 years old and found a busboy position at Dudley’s under Blair Taylor, who would later open Barolo Grill. Eighteen months after its opening, Ryan went to work at Barolo Grill and remained for 8 years as a server, starting his long relationship with the restaurant that opened December of 1992. In 2000, Fletter moved to San Francisco to work under Michael Mina for three years. With a developed love for wine, Fletter returned to Colorado to open a wine shop and opened Sacre Bleu. Fate, however, had its own plans and he returned to Barolo Grill where he was promoted to General Manager. In 2010 Fletter attained his Advanced (level 3) Sommelier certification, and went on to be featured in Somm documentaries. In 2018 with the help of Erin Lindstone, current floor Sommelier, Barolo Grill achieved the Grand Award from Wine Spectator, one of only 100 restaurants at the time to hold the title. In 2015 Fletter took 100% ownership from Taylor. Barolo Grill survived COVID restrictions without any closures and is once again thriving in North Cherry Creek where they celebrated their 30th Anniversary!

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