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Ty Leon

Restaurant Olivia

Ty Leon was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. After graduation high school in 2007, he moved to Denver, Colorado to attend Johnson and Wales university to study culinary arts and restaurant management. After graduating in 2011 he moved to Saratoga, California to work in the Michelin starred restaurant Plumed Horse. After two years of living in California, Colorado was calling. Ty moved back to Colorado and started working at one of Denver’s main stay restaurant, Mizuna. Mizuna is where Ty met his business partners, Austin Carson and Heather Morrison where they started to talk about future restaurant plans together which is how Restaurant Olivia came to be. Ty left Mizuna for a bit to work at other well known restaurants before Restaurant Olivia opened up such as, Le Pigeon, Flour and Water and Lilia. Restaurant Olivia, a pasta focused Italian restaurant, opened its doors on January 14, 2020, two months before covid shut everything down.

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