3 Favorite Spots for Dumplings in Denver

BY DiningOut Staff


3 Favorite Spots for Dumplings in Denver

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Dumplings have become extremely popular across the world. In Asian cuisines dumplings are delicate, bite-sized treats that contain many different fillings. They are wrapped in a thin layer of dough and can be both savory and sweet, boiled, steamed or fried. No matter which way they are prepared, dumplings are a favorite both here in Denver and beyond.

We compiled a list of three top spots that serve delectable dumplings, sure to please your palate and your stomach!

Yuan Wonton

Denver Food Truck Location changes daily

Yuan Wonton is one of the most sought after food trucks in Denver. Denver foodies have been known to chase down the food truck and stalk their social media to know where the food truck will be popping up next. Wherever and whenever Yuan Wonton pulls up, there is guaranteed to be a crowd. The chili wontons are a crowd favorite. Their thumb-sized wontons, drenched in a chili sauce, sell out particularly fast! For information on schedules, pop-ups, events and ordering details check out their IG stories @yuanwonton.

Mason’s Dumpling Shop

9655 E Montview Blvd, Aurora CO 80010

Mason’s Dumpling Shop is located in Aurora. They hand pick their produce locally from the market and choose their meats from the butcher, which are then ground down to fit perfectly into dumplings. They make everything from scratch, hand kneading the dough and hand folding each delicious dumpling. The Aurora location has an authentic menu with many options to choose from, including boiled, steamed, and pan-fried dumplings. From pork and fish to vegan offerings, there is a dumpling to satisfy everyone.

Dating Yumy

12203 E Iliff Ave, Aurora CO 80014

Located in Aurora, Dating Yumy has a smaller selection than other dumpling shops, but the selections are absolutely tasty. Meat eaters can enjoy the pork soup dumplings, pork and vegetable dumplings, or the beef and celery dumplings. Try one or try them all, they are sure to be yummy.

Staff Suggestions

Empress Dim Sum Seafood

Little Ollie’s

YumCha Dumpling & Noodle Bar

Băo Brewhouse

Ace Eat Serve

There you have it, three new choices to try to satisfy your dumpling cravings. There are so many more places in the Denver area that are fantastic, too. Who would’ve known that Denver has so many dumpling options? Enjoy!


DiningOut Staff

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