Best restaurants in Denver to Break Up

BY DiningOut Staff


Best restaurants in Denver to Break Up

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There’s no fun way to have “the talk” – ya know, about how it’s time to go your separate ways… But picking the right locale can at least provide you with a quick exit, or even the chance to meet someone new to cozy up with for the holidays.

We’ve rounded up our top recommendations for where to break up and chow down, looking for spots that were:

  • Loud and busy (to avoid anyone overhearing)
  • A good place to eat alone (if they leave before the food comes out)
  • Have a friendly staff (for a sympathetic shoulder)
  • With easy exits (for a speedy getaway, if necessary)
  • Have good lighting (hide those tears and puffy eyes)

The Fifth String

First up, a spot that meets every criteria, The Fifth String. Along with the absolute friendliest staff, they’ve got great cocktails and a robust wine list. Plus, we’re pretty sure their Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pot de Creme can soothe any broken heart.

Recess Beer Garden

Located in LoHi, Recess Beer Garden is the ideal casual spot to end a casual relationship that you’re not seeing a future for. Their large variety of draft beer and dog-friendly patio provide a plethora of opportunities for comfort – not to mention a great spot to start looking for your next date.

Ghost Donkey

We can’t think of a better break-up meal than nachos and margaritas – of which, Ghost Donkey has some of the best. Located in Union Station, you’re also afforded a quick exit strategy to hop on the lightrail if it just gets too awkward.


Dinner at Hillstone scores high marks for mood lighting that will conceal any wayward tears and has multiple exits if you want to start going your separate ways, immediately. If need be, make sure to ask for your Housemade Veggie Burger to-go.

Kona Grill 

For a particularly hard breakup, one that might warrant some retail therapy, consider Kona Grill in Cherry Creek Mall. Its menu has delicious options for any palate, and you can start your shopping as soon as you pay the bill.


DiningOut Staff

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