Beyond the Broncos: Denver’s Top Bars to Play the Fan Field

BY Steph Wilson


Let’s face it. Witnessing the Broncos’ 70–20 loss to the Miami Dolphins wasn’t just painful—it was a spectacle worthy of rubbernecking. A car crash of such proportions you can’t help but watch. 

It wasn’t just bad; it was history-making bad for the Broncos. For Miami, it was glorious. Breaking or tying 13 franchise records, becoming the first team ever with 10 touchdowns from scrimmage, and the list goes on. The first to gain at least 350 yards through the air and on the ground. A record-tying two players with four touchdowns. And, as a sporty commentator at Mile High Huddle put it, “The Broncos’ defense couldn’t stop a runny nose.”

That brutal loss will forever be known as the metaphorical straw that broke the Broncos’ back…ing from even the most die-hard of the fans, who are sick of losing—something the team has been very good at doing for the last seven years. That’s how long it’s been since Denver had a winning season. They haven’t even made the playoffs since they clinched the Super Bowl 50 trophy (which I’m only mentioning in the Broncos’ defense because the team clearly can’t defend itself), but even that is a distant memory these days.

The pain from the recent record-setting loss, on the other hand, is still fresh as can be. And it’s causing the Denver Broncos to bleed fans clad in orange and blue. After the embarrassing loss to the Dolphins, one fan wearing orange and blue told Fox 31 that he “felt like getting a different shirt on” while another fan said it’s difficult to wear any gear associated with the team.  

If you, too, get the “ick” when you think about donning your Broncos gear, perhaps it’s time for you and the team to take a break. Let them work on themselves while you play the field. If they liked your unwavering loyalty, they should have put a ring on it. 

Until then, you’re free to enjoy your journey through NFL polyamory. To help you explore what’s out there, we put together a handy guide to some of the city’s best spots to (temporarily?) pledge your allegiance. Pop by on any given Sunday and raise a glass to your free-agent fandom. 

Arizona Cardinals

Stoney’s Bar & Grill: 1111 Lincoln Street, Denver

Atlanta Falcons

Fainting Goat Pub: 846 Broadway, Denver

Baltimore Ravens

Chopper’s Sports Grill: 80 S. Madison Street, Denver

Buffalo Bills

Jackson’s LODO: 1520 20th Street, Denver

Carolina Panthers

Shelby’s Bar & Grill: 519 18th Street, Denver

Chicago Bears

Hayter’s & Co.: 1920 Blake Street, Denver

Cincinnati Bengals

Sportsbook Bar & Grill: 9660 E. Arapahoe Rd., Greenwood Village

Cleveland Browns

Stoney’s Uptown Joint: 1035 E. 17th Ave. Denver

Dallas Cowboys

Spot Bar & Grill: 98 S. Pennsylvania Street, Denver

Detroit Lions

Candlelight Tavern: 383 S. Pearl Street, Denver

Green Bay Packers

Wally’s Wisconsin Tavern: 1417 Market Street, Denver

Houston Texans

Society Sports and Spirits: 1434 Blake Street, Denver

Indianapolis Colts

Icehouse Tavern: 1801 Wynkoop Street, Denver

Jacksonville Jaguars

Chopper’s Sports Grill: 80 S. Madison Street, Denver

Kansas City Chiefs

Don’s Club Tavern: 723 E. 6th Ave. Denver

Las Vegas Raiders

52Eighty Sports Bar: 7575 Broadway, Denver

Los Angeles Chargers

Society Sports and Spirits: 1434 Blake Street, Denver

Miami Dolphins

Stoney’s Cantina: 30 S. Broadway, Denver

Minnesota Vikings

Cap City Tavern: 1247 Bannock Street, Denver

New England Patriots

Three Dogs Tavern: 3390 W. 32nd Ave. Denver

New Orleans Saints

Moe’s Orginal BBQ: 3295 S Broadway, Denver

New York Jets

Stoney’s Bar and Grill: 1111 Lincoln Street, Denver

Philadelphia Eagles

Larimer Beer Hall: 2012 Larimer Street, Denver

Pittsburgh Steelers

Jackson’s LODO: 1520 20th Street, Denver

Seattle Seahawks

Clock Tower Grill: 9360 Station St., Lone Tree

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With no official Mile High home base, Florida’s Gulf Coast fans sometimes organize meetups at the pirate-themed Dive Inn. Sorry, Denver!

Tennessee Titans

No dedicated bar for this under-represented team, but Tom’s Watch Bar is always a good bet for all things sports. Sorry Again!

Washington Commanders

Stoney’s Uptown Joint: 1035 E. 17th Ave. Denver


Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a writer, editor, and creative maximalist in Denver. She makes magazines for a living and throws color around the world like confetti for fun.

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