Calling All Carnivores to RARE, The Denver Steak Championships

BY DiningOut Staff


What’s better than a perfectly grilled hunk of steak on a warm August summer evening? How about limitless hunks of grade A prime beef cooked to perfection by Denver’s best chefs on a warm August summer evening?

That’s what’s in store for you at RARE, The Denver Steak Championships. Hosted by DiningOut Events, RARE brings Denver back to its Wild West roots, celebrating the finest cuts of steak that the Front Range has to offer.

More than two dozen chefs and grillmasters from the region’s most prestigious steakhouses will face-off for the title of champion, and Denver foodies are invited to judge the competition. Contenders can compete to have the juiciest, tenderest take on a “Traditional Steak,” or they can put their prowess to the test in the “Creative Steak” category.

Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t worry, each competing restaurant will also offer a signature cocktail to wash it all down, of course.

Catch all the action August 18, 2022, at The Denver Performing Arts Complex & Sculpture Park, from 5:30-10 p.m. Brought to you by the team behind Top Taco and Chicken Fight!, this is yet another culinary experience you don’t want to miss. See the full lineup of competitors

In partnership with Aspen Ridge Beef, the RARE steak festival benefits the Colorado Restaurant Foundation, a nonprofit foodservice organization run by local restaurateurs for local restaurateurs.

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General Admission – $145

7 p.m. entry

Unlimited steak samples

Wine and cocktail samples

Live entertainment

First Taste – $185

6 p.m. entry

Unlimited steak samples

Wine and cocktail samples

Live entertainment

VIP – $275

5:30 p.m. entry

Unlimited steak samples

Premium wines and cocktails

Live entertainment

VIP-only seafood challenge

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