For the Love of Tacos

BY Steph Wilson


If there’s one thing we know here at DiningOut, it’s that Denver loves its tacos. From Taco Tuesdays to Top Taco, our premier summer food festival, and the zenith of our tortilla affection, we’re always on the hunt for that perfect mix of flavors wrapped in a soft shell. Although, with so many food trucks rolling around the city, can we really call it hunting if the tacos come to you? Regardless, out of all the culinary contenders, one bright pink truck has made its mark on the taco-tasting community: Chile Con Quesadilla.

Why all the fuss about this particular truck? Chile Con Quesadilla is not your run-of-the-mill taco maker. It’s an epic flavor fest on wheels that’s blown the minds and taste buds of both judges and attendees at Top Taco for two years running. At Top Taco 2021, attendees voted Chile Con Quesadilla number one, earning them the People’s Choice title for Creative Taco. And in 2022, they raised the trophy for the Judge’s Choice awards in the same category.  Their Triple B taco, an extravagant blend of BBQ bacon, brisket, green chile, and crispy onions, has racked up accolades faster than you can say, “pass the hot sauce.” This flair for flavor earned them recognition in Westword and at events like the Shake + Bake Showdown, Bacon & Beer Classic, and, of course, Top Taco (Side note: Top Taco 2023 is less than a month away, and ticket supplies are dwindling. Don’t dawdle if you want to come to play.)

About Chile Con Quesadilla

Chile Con Quesadilla has been a local superstar since its inception. The Richardson family’s little pink food truck rolled into Denver’s food scene in March 2020, just as the world came to a standstill. But while others scrambled to adapt, the Richardsons stirred up a storm of cheesy quesadillas and award-winning green and white chile. Today, Chile Con Quesadilla has emerged as the “little pink truck that could—and did.”

As the name implies, Chile Con Quesadillas offerings extend beyond traditional tacos to the land of the ’dilla. Their finger-licking quesadillas are packed to bursting with everything from smoked bacon and jalapeños to brisket and green chile. Every item on the menu, from the Chicken DeeYuh to the Jalapeño Poppa, is a testament to their love of the craft.

But here’s the tastiest news yet: the chase for that tortilla-wrapped goodness you’re craving is over. No longer will you need to track down the food truck across Denver. No need to hunt down the food truck across Denver anymore. This erstwhile mobile kitchen has graduated to a brick-and-mortar establishment at 227 N. Main Street, downtown Brighton. Now you can satisfy your cravings for the award-winning “Jalapeño Poppa” quesadilla or the much-celebrated “Triple B” taco whenever the mood strikes, no marathon required.

Sure, the food truck scene has its romantic charm, but being able to sit down in a 6,000-square-foot space amid the games, flat-screen TVs, and those signature bright pink accents, is way better. Not to mention, the restaurant’s serving margaritas, sangrias, and local craft beers from 16 taps.

Transitioning from a food truck to a brick-and-mortar restaurant isn’t always a breeze. According to an IBISWorld report, the food truck industry has grown by 7.5% over the last five years, yet only a handful make the successful leap to a permanent location. Chile Con Quesadilla joins an elite group of Denver establishments that started life on four wheels before laying down roots—Hosea Rosenberg’s Blackbelly, and Natasha Hess’s Ginger Pig, among others. Chile Con Quesadilla is a testament to this trend. After all, it’s not just about where you start; it’s about the journey and the delicious destination.

Long live the love for tacos and tortillas, and long live Chile Con Quesadilla’s new domain. 

Chile Con Quesadilla 

227 N. Main St., Brighton



Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a writer, editor, and creative maximalist in Denver. She makes magazines for a living and throws color around the world like confetti for fun.

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