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If you’re looking for a fresh take on a classic cocktail, make an evening reservation at Foraged in downtown Denver’s Dairy Block, where innovation, fresh herbs and the highest quality of liquor are the ingredients for your new favorite mule. 

At Foraged, you’ll find yourself in a suave and stylish restaurant that is as attentive to the details of the design of its dining space as it is to the flavor profiles of its culinary offerings. The menu revolves around the highest quality of fresh ingredients, with dishes curated to highlight each component’s unique flavors and create an exciting fusion dining experience for everyone who walks in the door. Foraged also boasts an impressive cocktail bar and creates custom beverages with premium liquor brands that match their standards of quality. 

One of those brands is The Botanist, a brand that incorporates 22 different hand-foraged herbs as well as 9 different botanicals into its artisanal gin. The Botanist is distilled with seasonal botanicals that are sustainably sourced and hand-selected by the distillers. Every element of this artisanal gin is chosen intentionally and thoughtfully. You can find information on each herb and botanical used, as well as their unique flavor profiles and characteristics, on their website. For the team at The Botanist, gin is not merely a liquor, it’s a medium to tell the story of the land it’s drawn from, in this case, the Isle of Islay off the coast of Scotland. 

Foraged makes its signature Kyuri Mule with The Botanist, resulting in a refreshing twist on the classic Moscow Mule. 

“It’s our take on the traditional Moscow Mule using Japanese ingredients. For example, [we] use Shiso which is an herb from southeast Asia, as well as Yuzu which is also a fruit from southeast Asia made with vinegar,” explained Jordan, one of Foraged’s bartenders.

He credits the cucumber and incorporation of Shiso for the Kyuri Mule’s refreshing profile, making The Botanist the perfect complement for the drink. The Botanist’s own focus on botanical ingredients highlights the other elements of the cocktail, fusing it all together for a drink that tastes as fresh as its ingredients.

Your culinary experience is also as satisfying and exciting visually as it is for your tastebuds, with every cocktail garnished to perfection. Whether seated at one of the sleek leather booths underneath Foraged’s impressive chandelier, or close to the action at the chefs table at the raw bar, you’re guaranteed a memorable evening and a new favorite beverage.


Restaurant: Foraged

Bartender: Jordan

Cocktail: Kyuri Mule

Brand: The Botanist


DiningOut Staff

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