Dining Out at TK’s Surf and Turf Kitchen

BY DiningOut Staff


Featured Guest Writer: Keith Graham

TK’s is no secret; if at first you’re unfamiliar, you may have seen a TikTok featuring their restaurant that went viral a few years ago and racked up over a million views, plus a quarter million shares. With that social media spotlight, the world quickly caught on to TK’s Surf and Turf Kitchen


When you walk into TK’s, you’re instantly greeted with a friendly face and open arms, creating an immediate sense of connection and inclusion, much like walking into a friend’s house. You can feel the gratitude and how thankful everyone is that you stopped by. It just feels like home. You’ll notice bright colors in a playful mural of Chef-owner TK, along with words of affirmation and the names of those we’ve lost due to police violence over the years. 


If you ask me, I went with TK’s signature plate, “The Works”, it comes with two snow crab clusters, twelve peel-and-eat shrimp, and one chopped beef sausage. It also comes with your choice of two sides. I opted for the spicy mac and cheese and the Jollof rice. The spices come together to create a bold flavor. The boldness is balanced by the richness and sweetness of the seafood, creating a depth for the palate that is both satisfying and delicious. I also had the crawfish, which was equally flavor-forward. Everything came together to make the most perfect and memorable culinary experience. 


Chef TK gave a lot of credit to his family and friends for his passion for food. His stepfather was a professional Chef. TK started cooking for friends and family on weekends before demand became too great, officially prompting him to open up his storefront in October 2020. During the pandemic, many things were uncertain, but TK’s Surf and Turf still had lines out the door for his delicious food. 


DiningOut Staff

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