Unearth the magic of Clairette in Wash Park, a captivating hidden gem where art, cocktails, and cozy ambiance come together. Step into this haven of perfectly crafted drinks, delightful home recipes, and encouraging signs adorning its artsy walls. Get ready to unwind and revel in the warm ambiance with friends. Your new favorite spot awaits!

Discover Wash Park’s, Hidden Cocktail Bar & Eatry

BY Gabriela Reyes


Step into Clairette, a hidden gem ready to unveil its secrets to you. Nestled in Wash Park, this enchanting spot is not just any ordinary bar – it’s a haven where perfectly crafted cocktails and delightful home recipes on the food menu await you. Prepare to be mesmerized by its artsy walls adorned with encouraging signs, while the cozy furnishings invite you to unwind and revel in the warm ambiance with your friends.

Ladies take note – Thursday nights are your special treat at Clairette! Embrace the evening with food and drink specials that will leave you wanting more. Indulge in half salads, non-exclusive fries, and an array of tantalizing items available only on this extraordinary night. And don’t miss the chance to sip on their exquisite house-made soda and syrup wells drinks for just $8.

For those craving a delectable charcuterie experience, Clairette offers a unique BYO board, allowing you to handpick your favorites. The regular menu is a treasure trove of culinary delights. Discover the taste of authentic Mediterranean Chicken, a cherished family recipe from GM EJ’s uncle. Delight in the rotating barbacoa tacos, lovingly crafted by Chef Rubio, showcasing the essence of cherished family traditions. Even the desserts are a masterpiece, perfected by the talented prep chef/waitress Hannah, epitomizing the unity and love that fills every corner of this remarkable establishment.

At the heart of the ladies’ night, conceptualized by Bar Manager Sara, lies the vision of creating a familiar, friendly, and safe space for women to unwind and connect. An all-women staff stands ready to serve you, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you want to dance, sing, enjoy a female-led film, or simply savor each moment with your gals, Clairette welcomes you with open arms. So, step into this sanctuary, let time slip away, and allow the enchanting allure of Clairette to make you a regular in this extraordinary world of indulgence and sisterhood.

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Gabriela Reyes

Gaby has been part of the Denver/Boulder food scene since 2015 when she moved to Colorado. While gradually losing her ability to eat due to six years of misdiagnosed food allergies, she became fascinated with the culinary scene. Gaby, aka The Restaurant Encyclopedia, has been DiningOut’s restaurant coordinator for food festivals since 2017 and joined the editorial team in 2022.