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Our mission

DiningOut will give authentic voice to the independent hospitality industry of Colorado—the restaurants, bars, gathering spaces, caterers, and mobile food/beverage outlets, together with suppliers, vendors, and service providers—creating a print and digital network through which information and resources can be communicated to the benefit of the industry as a whole, empowering and defending individual owners and operators, and protecting the integrity of autonomous creativity that collectively fuels the workforce, economy, diversity, and general well- being of our communities. 

Meet our staff

Josh Dinar 


Josh Dinar co-founded Pearl Publishing Media Group in 1998 in Denver. He has authored a pictorial history of Denver, Denver Then and Now, and co-authored The Conscious Cleanse. Together with chef Daniel Asher, he owns and operates River and Woods in Boulder, Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery in Golden, Ash’Kara Unorthodox Cuisine in Denver, and Barrio75 in Ketchum, Idaho. He is also a partner in T/ACO and the Rayback Collective in Boulder, as well as DiningOut Events, which produces food and beverage-centric festivals of all sizes. He has multiple new restaurant projects slated for the coming months.

Jeff Suskin

Jeff Suskin 


Jeff Suskin is a co-founder of Pearl Publishing Media Group and a partner in numerous Colorado restaurant projects, including Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery, T/ACO, Ash’Kara Unorthodox Cuisine, and several upcoming projects. He is the founder and director of DiningOut Events, which produces (among its acclaimed signature projects) Top Taco in Denver and New Orleans, Chicken Fight, Rare: A Steak Challenge, and the Wedding Party.

Shalisa Pouw

Shalisa Pouw 

Director of Operations

Shalisa joined the DiningOut Events team as Festival Producer in 2018. Prior to working with DiningOut, Shalisa was the Denver Community Marketing Manager for Bumble, executing all local events and brand activations for the company, as well as building brand awareness through marketing campaigns throughout the cities bars and restaurants. In 2019, she helped to create and produce two new festivals under the DiningOut Events umbrella (Rare, The Denver Steak Championships, and The Wedding Party). Her experience and knowledge of all aspects of event production, along with her passion for creating processes and organizing teams, led her to her current role as Director of Operations.

Kyanne Somday

Kyanne Somday 

Sponsorship Director

Kyanne is well versed in the service industry with on and off premise marketing, event management, and managing promotional teams with companies such as Gallo, Keel Vodka, Diageo, Beam Global and Anheuser-Busch. She has managed promotional teams at all types of sporting events, charities, and every kind of account including many golf tournaments and outings. Kyanne has experience working with high end clients and brands to help create their production goals as well as educating and training staff to meet the clients’ needs. 

Denver Food Writer

Gabriela Reyes

Restaurant Coordinator/Writer

Gaby has been part of the denver/boulder food scene since 2015 when she moved to colorado. While gradually losing her ability to eat due to six years of misdiagnosed food allergies, she became fascinated with the culinary scene. Gaby, aka the restaurant encyclopedia, has been diningout’s restaurant coordinator for food festivals since 2017 and joined the editorial team in 2022.

Stephanie Wilson


Steph Wilson is a creative maximalist who makes magazines for a living and throws color around the world like confetti for fun. She started her writing career in 2003 as the regional editor for DiningOut’s Miami edition, but when our editors asked if she’d be willing to relocate to Denver in 2005, she wasn’t ready to leave the palm trees quite yet. Ten years later, Steph moved to the Mile High City and cofounded Sensi, the first cannabis lifestyle magazine to connect with a mainstream audience. She’s recently returned to her editorial roots, writing about Denver’s luxury lifestyle and epicurean scene for DiningOut and other local publications—more often than not with her tiny little sidekick Gidget on her lap.

Kevin Fox

Kevin Fox

Social Media/Content Manager 

Kevin Fox is an entrepreneur and branding consultant who helps companies create compelling content and achieve success through powerful marketing initiatives. After spending over two decades in traditional media, Mr. Kevin Fox recognized the power of digital developments and has been instrumental in bringing brands to new heights through his innovative work in social media, video production, and website development. Mr. Kevin Fox believes in creating meaningful connections with customers and believes that is the key to a successful brand strategy.

Ben Nelson

Festival Director  

Ben has mastered the art of event operations, logistics, and brand management/ integration. From an idea’s conception to the final product, Ben has his hands in every step of the process. He has overseen projects and tours around the country and world for brands such as: UFC (Octagon Nation Tour), Burton Demo Tour (MINI account rep) Nitro World Games (Overall Operations Director), Burton (U.S. Open of Snowboarding Sponsor Village Director), Pepsi (World Record Arcade Claw Experience) and many Red Bull projects such as Air Races, Rampage, Stratos, and Soapbox, Flugtag, and Frozen Rush.

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