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Cannabis at the Bar

Market research is forecasting a big year for cannabis in 2022. Some industry experts expect a parallel boom in cannabis beverages, describing the category as an intersection of two major industry trends: low-alcohol beverages and ready-to-drink cocktails. What, if anything, does that mean for the beverage world? Breckenridge dispensary owner Adam Weiss says, “CBD/hemp beverages won’t necessarily directly compete with cocktails and beer. But they have great potential to carve out their own niche, similar to what the low-alcohol market has done recently….That being said, there are already a ton of CBD/hemp beverages on the market, and not many that have really created their niche as the go-to for most bartenders. That opportunity is still present.” Under current laws, cocktails and beer can be infused with certain amounts of hemp or CBD with no detectable traces of THC, but Weiss recommends always consulting an attorney before introducing cannabis-related substances to your menu. 

Adam Weiss recommends: Denver-based Mountain Elixirs CBD bitters or Aplós, a hemp-infused, alcohol-free aperitif, for mixing into cocktails or mocktails.

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