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The Pour: Strongwater Mixers

The Denver-based bitters producer also specializes in fizzy, health-forward mixers with inspo from Scandinavia.

Made with medicinal herbs, Strongwater’s health-conscious sparkling mixers live up to the company’s motto: Heal the soul and spruce the cocktail. “‘Strongwater’ is the original name for botanically-infused alcohol served at apothecaries known as ‘strongwater shops,’” says founder Nicholas Andresen. “Our products are made Old World-style, with whole-plant infusions.” As an added bonus, USA Today named Strongwater its 2021 readers’ choice for best craft mixer brand, writing, “Strongwater adds a dash of botanical integrity to cocktails through their line of herb and hemp bitters, shrubs, and cocktail syrups.”

Hand pouring Strongwater mixer Signature Sparkling tonic into large cocktail glass garnished with cucumber, dill, and lemon.
You can get a taste of the Old World with Strongwater’s Signature Sparkling Tonic, a fave of the brands founder. / Courtesy Strongwater

Nicholas Andresen’s mixer rec:

“Right now my favorite mixer is our Signature Nordic Tonic. We created this sparkling tonic as a nod to my Scandinavian background. It’s a beautiful blend of real dill, sage, citrus, and lime. I prefer it in a gin and tonic utilizing Leopold Bros.’ Navy Strength Gin.”

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