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Murder, madness, mayhem, and marijuana have our attention this week.

Here’s what has us excited (and ponying up for yet another) streaming service this week:

Come to this new version of the Scottish Play for the casting (who knew Denzel had it in him?); stay for the creepy (really creepy, really messed up) witches and a decapitation fit for a king.

Add black-market weed to legal marijuana, and you end up with guns, stalking, intimidation, and unresponsive government policy. 

If you’re in fact not sorry about your delay in responding (or perhaps especially if you are), read this thoughtful argument for ignoring your boss’ after-hours texts that dates back to 1863.

It’s not new, but everything Donald Glover touches is magic, so we’re rewatching the first two seasons of Atlanta in preparation for season three, which drops in March.


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