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Say “nyet” to eating fish eyes. Plus: horny bakers and an Icelandic burger that’s almost a teenager.

Here’s what caught our eye (heh!) this week:

Here’s what happened when one normal person attempted to recreate an epic Russian spread from Martha Stewart. Spoiler: Fish eyes are involved.

Your Wordle strategy reveals deeply hidden truths about your psyche, according to someone who probably (almost certainly, definitely hilariously) has too much time on her hands.

Experts have long maintained VNS (“variety not stated”) rye doesn’t impact the flavor of whiskey. It turns out they were wrong.

We’ve made this croissant recipe a couple of times now, and can verify it’s a winner. But even if you’re not into stretching, stroking, and shaping perfectly laminated dough, skip to step 14 for a good giggle. Somebody’s thirsty.

Iceland’s oldest McDonald’s burger turns 12 this year.


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