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Food folks, take note: OAK at Fourteenth is hosting a Truffle Week through December 2, offering a unique opportunity to savor dishes elevated by one of the world’s most coveted ingredients—the truffle.

Truffles, those elusive and aromatic fungi, are the stars of this culinary show. They bring a distinctive, earthy flavor that transforms dishes into something extraordinary. The Truffle Risotto, for instance, becomes a rich and fragrant affair, while the Truffle Ravioli delivers a depth of flavor that is both subtle and layered. And the Mushroom Rubbed Dry Aged Ribeye, already a standout, reaches new heights with a truffle-inspired twist.

The star of the show, though, might just be the Truffle Martini. This isn’t your average cocktail, and I can’t wait to get into OAK to try it myself. A blend of sous vide mushrooms and dashi with Lillith Blanc, topped off with a choice of gin or vodka, and finished with a hint of mint and truffle oils—it’s a sophisticated twist on a classic, showing the not-so-humble truffle’s versatility. 

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