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BY DiningOut Staff


Industry Reads & Recs

In between stuffing our faces with mashed potatoes and pie, avoiding holiday meltdowns, and enduring harrowing conversations with our racist uncles, here’s what caught our eye last week: 

More and more, the “B” in F&B stands for “B Corp” in addition to “beverage.”

Check out the weird tale of Western men who head to a South Pacific island nation in search of...what, exactly?

You’ll never find a more potent eggnog recipe than this aged nog that calls for bourbon, brandy, and rum. And it’s not too late to assemble a batch of the potent brew for gift-giving this year.

Teetotalers needn’t miss out of the grog-gifting fun. Here’s a recipe for high-quality, homemade vanilla extract that’s perfect for stuffing stockings this year.

Olive and Mabel became instant icons last year when the race to the bottom of their dog bowls went viral. Their YouTube channel is still going strong, and is perfect for moments of levity between year-end shopping and stress.  

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DiningOut Staff

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