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IDing Your Guests Has Gone Digital

Restaurants and bars are allowed to accept digital IDs. But will they?

In 2018, IBM conducted a study examining the personal security habits of younger generations. The results, perhaps not surprisingly, indicated that when given the choice, millennials and those under 34 almost always choose tech and speed over anything else. This data almost certainly was taken into account when Governor Jared Polis announced that as of December 1, 2019, the Colorado Digital ID would be recognized as an acceptable legal form of personal identification. (The digital ID works by simply downloading the myColorado app on a smartphone.)

Image of Colorado driver's license on smartphone as part of the myColorado ID digital ID.
Is the digital ID as good as the real thing? /

U.S. News reported that as of May 2021, 150,000 Coloradans had signed up. That means you’ve likely seen digital IDs in your bars and restaurants, and we want to hear what conveniences or inconveniences the practice has posed. We also want to hear if you’ve chosen to accept the digital format or keep it old-school because, according to the Colorado Laws & Regulations Summary, individual establishments may use their discretion in accepting this form of ID. Email us at and tell us your experience.

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