The exterior of the building housing The Marigold Plants & Spirits, a plant-filled gin-forward cocktail bar and plant shop in Denver's Five Points neighborhood. On the right side of the photo collage, an interior scene showcases the bar's living moss wall.

Marigold Plants & Spirits: Denver’s Urban Eden Opens Tonight!

BY Steph Wilson


Get ready to let your spirits (and plants) grow. As if plucked straight from a whimsical fairy tale, Marigold Plants & Spirits is set to open its doors on St. Patrick’s Day in the heart of Five Points, bringing you the greenest, most enchanting bar experience at 2721 Welton Street. It’s time to dust off your plant-parenting skills and dive headfirst into a world of botanical delights.

Behind this lush oasis lies the brainchild of Sudhir Kudva and a team of eight passionate investors, all seasoned in the art of crafting the perfect bar ambiance. Their combined expertise has transformed a once unassuming market into a 2,500-square-foot urban escape for plant enthusiasts and gin aficionados alike.

But Marigold is more than just a pretty face. This green-thumbed gem is taking the concept of “sipping while shopping” to new heights, with every plant lovingly curated by Lauren Silver (@ohmoreplants). From cacti to succulents, strings of turtles to leafy hanging plants, you can adopt a new chlorophyll-charged companion for as little as $10. Need an extra nudge? How about taking home a four-pack of plants to spruce up your living space?

If the thought of savoring gin-infused concoctions surrounded by an abundance of happy houseplants isn’t enticing enough (if it’s not, we probably can’t be friends), Marigold’s future plans include a Zen garden complete with a long water feature, a pollinator garden, and a koi pond. It’s an urban jungle that aims to prove coexisting with nature in the city is not only possible but downright delightful.

Let’s talk gin. Marigold’s general manager, Mary Canon, is a gin enthusiast on a mission to convert even the most reluctant of palates. With a housemade tonic and an array of gin splits, Canon is confident she can craft a drink that will have you seeing gin in a whole new light. For the already-converted, three-pour gin flights featuring Monkey 47 and two rotating options are sure to tickle your taste buds.

While Marigold’s food offerings may be minimal, with snacks and instant mac and cheese holding court, worry not. Menus from nearby culinary hotspots Famous Original J’s Pizza and Duke’s Good Sandwiches will be available to satiate your hunger. And to keep your wallet as green as your surroundings, the bar boasts a generous happy hour and a $7 beer-and-shot special that never leaves the menu.

Marigold’s community-driven spirit doesn’t end with food collaborations. The team plans to host plant workshops, live music, and even be a part of the Five Points Jazz Festival in the summer. Keep an eye out for yoga, terrarium-building, and sip-and-paint classes as well, plus live jazz on select nights.

If you’re as stoked as I am to finally check this place out, I’ll see you there. Let’s embrace our love for nature and toast to a greener tomorrow. Marigold Plants & Spirits is finally ready to bloom, and we can’t wait to plant ourselves among the plants.


2721 Welton St.

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Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a writer, editor, and creative maximalist in Denver. She makes magazines for a living and throws color around the world like confetti for fun.