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The Key Ingredients to a Great First Date

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The Key Ingredients to a Great First Date

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What are the key ingredients to a great first date in Denver? When it comes to dating in Denver, an amazing meal is key. Whether you’re looking for a date that lets you get hands on with your dishes, or a dinner that has a great flight of drinks to pair with it, we have a list of spots that should blow your date away and solidify your standing as an expert Denver foodie. From upscale restaurants with unique dishes to more casual spots with great ambience, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, whether you’re impressing a first date or rekindling the flame with a long-time partner, these Denver restaurants are sure to make your evening special.

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Kiss the Cook – Cooking Classes

Taking your date to a cooking class is a great way to make your date night tasty and experiential. Below we’ve got three recommendations to set you up for success.

Uncorked Kitchen

Moments are made in the kitchen, whether you’re on your first date or your 100th, are enjoying some time with a group of your best friends, or doing a girl’s night out—you’ll all share in the creation and enjoyment of incredible food.

The Seasoned Chef

The Seasoned Chef offers a range of classes featuring regional cuisine, speciality dishes, themed dinners and seasonal fare, as well as wine tasting evenings, Couples Nights and classes where you’ll be cooking alongside chefs at the helm of some of Denver’s best restaurants. Whether you come by yourself, or are part of a group, their classes encourage complete interaction, so you can relax and enjoy an intimate evening making good food, as well as new like-minded foodie friends.


Get the most out of Denver’s cultural scene and saddle up with an inspiring food course. Bring professional-grade recipes, ingredients, and techniques into your life and meet highly skilled chefs who have trained all over the world. They will share everything you need to know about Denver’s hot-spots, bustling markets, and hidden gems in the world of dining. Impress your friends with your new culinary skills and fall in love with Denver all over again.

A Formal Affair – Prix Fixe Menus

If you’re looking to dazzle your date with your dining selection, take a look at these top notch spots with prix fixe menus. You truly can’t go wrong!


Enter our door and indulge in multiple courses of food and beverage inspired by world travels and classical training. Lose yourself in dishes combining old and new alongside beverages that warm the senses. It’s temptation you can’t resist.

The Wolf’s Tailor

A nod to the craftsman who fashioned sheep’s clothing for the sly wolf. This experience celebrates Colorado’s wild and foraged, the sea, and preservation. Fermentation, grain, wild game and seasonal produce are intentionally layered throughout. Join us for our multicourse entrust tasting menu.

Koko Ni

KoKo Ni, “here” in Japanese, is a farm driven Omakase style restaurant inspired by local ingredients, sustainable American seafood and the personal and culinary history of their talented chefs. With the emphasis on “fun”, KoKo Ni provides a casual atmosphere to elevated dining.  

Fun & Flexible – Choose As You Go

With these eateries, you and your date can collaborate on what to eat and try a variety of dishes. This may be your first big decision as a couple – no pressure!


Sushi-Rama is fast, fresh, fun conveyor-belt sushi concept from Denver restaurateur Chef Jeff Osaka. Kaiten sushi quite literally means “sushi go round!” It’s a popular Japanese way of dining that puts food on an actual conveyor belt that moves sushi all around the restaurant. All you have to do is grab what looks tasty and give it a try. Your final bill will be determined by how many plates you pick and their corresponding color value.

K+ Hotpot

At K+ Hotpot, their guests can not only experience the diversity in tastes, but hotpot is also pleasing to the eye and photogenic. They pride themselves on home-style recipes using fresh local ingredients with the goal is to provide the customers with the healthiest treats.

Dim Sum @ Star Kitchen

Big, busy Chinese fixture known for its vast variety of dim sum dishes for lunch & other classics. If you are looking to be open and adventurous then Star Kitchen Dim Sum is a must try experience.

Don’t Forget the Drinks – Flights

Great meals are always best when served with great drinks. Drink flights are both a great conversation starter as well as a great way to take the edge off your nerves. We’ve rounded up a few spots we think will hit the spot, including a fun twist of a dessert-themed flight.

Sunday Vinyl

Sunday Vinyl is an intimate restaurant & wine bar dedicated to the connectivity of food, wine and music. Offering sensory discovery through a full, seasonal, dinner menu, curated vinyl music, and an extensive selection of wine by the glass and bottle list – all with the same level of precise Hospitality we strive to perfect every day. 

Stem Ciders

Stem Ciders are genuinely well-crafted cider, and they wanted more people to experience that. They poured their passion into creating pure, clean cider and they select real ingredients carefully, using fresh-pressed juice and never any artificial flavors. 

High Point Creamery

High Point Creamery has spent years perfecting flavors and recipes. Their mission is to use happy ingredients, to make happy ice cream, in order to make you a happy customer.

A successful first date could be the start of something really great. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of Denver restaurants that are sure to make your date night one for the books. No matter what kind of eater your date is, there’s something on this list for everyone. And if you’re looking to pair your meal with some drinks, never fear – each spot also comes with a handy dandy drink menu. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore all that Denver has to offer with someone special. One of the key ingredients to a great first date (besides good conversation) is simply having fun – and at any of these spots, we guarantee you’ll have a blast dating in Denver.

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