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Sometimes the best quotes stand alone. Here are a few that didn’t make it into recent stories but have stuck with us—and are too good to stay on the cutting-room floor.

On de-escalating dangerous situations…“You need a plan B. If you call the police and they don’t show up, are you going to allow employees to physically restrain a customer? I highly doubt it.” —Dylan Lang, threat management investigator, Pinnacol Assurance

On her honey collection…“I have about 40 honeys in my collection; it’s not that big. There’s buckwheat, lavender, fireweed, orange blossom honey. I had someone drop off a honey from the rain forest. They are all so different!” —Billie Keithley, liquid chef, Breckenridge Distillery

On shortages…“Our biggest issues are currently with paper and packaging. Our tabletop, takeout, and wholesale packaging have been spotty at best. We are constantly having to substitute different sizes of napkins, paper bags, delivery boxes (since we can’t reuse containers due to COVID concerns), catering bowls, platters, etc. Our presentation is no longer consistent, but we can’t help it.” —Beth Ginsberg, owner, Trompeau Bakery

On opening a restaurant…“I’m really glad Snooze opened in 2006. We had time to iron out the wrinkles. That leniency, that time, isn’t as prevalent anymore. People need to go into this business with their eyes wide open.” —Adam Schlegal, co-founder, Snooze

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