Take a Slice Out of Pi Day

BY Linnea Covington


Each March 14 we celebrate pi, the mathematical constant that corresponds to the numbers of that date, 3.14159 and so on. Where pi gets used in geometry, astronomy, and physics, our favorite pie comes from kitchen science.

The correlation of pie and pi makes for a great excuse to dive into pizza pie, fruit pie, chocolate pie, and any other tasty pie on the menu. After all, cooking is chemistry, and pi as well as pie are both useful in their own right. Here are different ways to dig into Pi Day, even when it’s postponed because of a snow storm.

Pizza Pie

half a pepperoni pizza sliced
Get a pizza pie on Pi Day. | Photo by Linnea Covington

It took a long time to convince my now 9-year-old that pizza pie was just pizza, an argument only a little kid can carry for months. The actual phrase “pizza pie” harkens back to pomidore pizza, a dish made by Italian immigrants in the United States. This “pie” was circular and cut into wedges for serving. 

Now, pizza pie remains one of the top foods in the country, and with so many styles and toppings it’s hard not to find one you like. Recently we posted a list of the 5 Best Pizza Joints Right Now, and it remains true. Of course Denver boasts so many wonderful spots, it’s impossible not to find good pizza nearby.

White Pie

For starters, White Pie in City Park specializes in New Haven style. This means the chewy, hand-tossed dough gets wood fired and charred. The Porky Porkorino with pickled chilies, hot honey and soppressata is a favorite. So is the Rocco Brocco, a real white pie with creme fraiche, broccolini, house-made fennel sausage, garlic oil, and pecorino. White Pie also dishes out Sicilian style pies for those looking for a thicker pizza. 1702 Humboldt St., Denver, whitepie.com

The Greenwich

Even if Deloris Tronco’s RiNo restaurant doesn’t specialize in pizza, the options certainly are special. Most of The Greenwich’s 12-inch sourdough pies feature seasonal ingredients, for example the pesto and burrata pizza has winter squash, pepita, scapes, and fontina right now. The fungi pie also wows with mushroom conserva, crescenza (a type of cheese), and gouda. 3258 Larimer St., Denver, thegreenwichdenver.com

Pie, Pie

hand pie in paper bowl
Hinman Pie can be found in hand pie form at Maine Shack. | Photo by Linnea Covington

Most people think of a sweet pie or pot pie when imagining what the word pie means, and Denver boasts quite a few places to get these. From dessert menus featuring sweet pie to bakeries offering pies to go, there’s something for everyone.

Hinman Pie

One of the best places to source both savory and sweet pies is John Hinman’s Hinman Pie. Hinman has been selling his pies commercially for about a decade, and is known for rich, thick and flaky crusts with plenty of goodies under the hood. Flavors include apple, pecan, key lime, blueberry, strawberry and more. 

He also makes savory versions, such as chicken pot pie and pork green chile pie. Order for pick up from the commissary he works out of, or find his pies around town via Leever Locavore, PineMelon.com, Congress Park Market, and Wally’s Meats. You can also pop into Maine Shack and order the blueberry hand pies, which are made by Hinman, and go perfectly with the lobster rolls. 3600 E. 40th Ave., Denver, hinmanpie.com

Legacy Pie Co.

For pie eating inside an establishment, Legacy Pie Co. should be on your list. The Berkeley location is the only Denver one, though the company has plans to open in Washington Park later this year. Right now visit the original shop and pick from a variety of whole pies, hand pies, and mini pies. 

The 10-inch and mini pies may include apple-bourbon-caramel, French silk, and tart cherry. On the savory side get gluten-free chicken pot pie, mini bison pies with stout gravy, and mushroom veggie. Most of the flavors also come in the hand-held size too, perfect for on the go eating. 4000 Tennyson St., Denver, legacypie.co

All these pies help get you in the spirit of 3/14, even if we have to celebrate pie after the storm.


Linnea Covington

Linnea Covington is the managing editor of DiningOut. She comes to us with a long background in food, restaurant and drinks journalism. Over the last two decades she’s written for tons of publications including Denver Post, Washington Post, Forbes Travel Guide, 5280 Magazine, New York Magazine, New York Times, Time Out New York and more.

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