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Derek Figueroa, Seattle Fish Company

Derek Figueroa

Seattle Fish Company & Lombardi Brothers Meats

Derek is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the company. He is known as a driven, innovative, strategic, results and relationship-focused leader with 30+ years of experience in sales, marketing, finance, and operations. Derek has been recognized as a thought leader for building Seattle Fish Company into one of the premier seafood distributors in the US and for his leadership in sustainable practices and initiatives, including as a co-founder of the nonprofit Sea Pact.

Panelist Picks:

With Derek Figueroa

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. Annette – Flawless execution, engaged and knowledgeable (fun!) servers, interesting / unique / delicious food, approachable atmosphere, casual and inclusive
  2. Barolo Grill – For when you want to get a little bit fancy, perfect wine pairings, Chef Truitt keeps the menu interesting, wide variety of options for all palettes, feels like a welcoming family
  3. Fruition – Timeless classic – from the food, execution, dishes, service, intimate feel, refined but not pretentious, thoughtful sourcing
  4. Work N Class – Our #1 choice for a family dinner. Energetic space, shared plates, great for family, variety options for our family of four, consistently excellent food, great spirits and cocktails.
  5. La Pasadita – The perfect hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Small, inexpensive, family owned, & great chips (which is one of the true measures of good Mexican food.). Favorites are chorizo and eggs, green chile cheese dip, crispy chile rellenos.

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