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Jeff Suskin, DiningOut

Jeff Suskin


Jeff Suskin is a co-founder of Pearl Publishing Media Group and a partner in numerous Colorado restaurant projects, including Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery, T/ACO, Ash’Kara Unorthodox Cuisine, and several upcoming projects. He is the founder and director of DiningOut Events, which produces (among its acclaimed signature projects) Top Taco in Denver and New Orleans, Chicken Fight, Rare: A Steak Challenge, and the Wedding Party.

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With Jeff Suskin

Week 3: What are your Top Favorite Burgers in Colorado?

  1. highland tap and burger
  2. Elways Cherry Creek Smash Burger
  3. A5
  4. Cherry Cricket
  5. My Brothers Bar

Week 2: What are your top 3 Favorite Spots to Grab a Cocktail?

  1. Guard and Grace 
  2. American Elm
  3. Hop Alley

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. A5Always fun and vibrant and their steaks are awesome!
  2. Kike’s Red Tacos – There aren’t many places I will sit in line for. I regularly find myself waiting 20-30 minutes for their steak and birria tacos with consomme. I get extras for mid afternoon snacks, and end up eating them for lunch.
  3. The Wolf’s Tailor – From beginning to end I enjoyed the menu and the cocktails. What a fun dining experience!
  4. American Elm – Always an interesting menu and it’s a fun, high energy place to dine in, but its also cozy and upscale.
  5. Wild Flower – I haven’t eaten there, but I am sitting here with my wife, and her two cents is it was her favorite meal of 2022.

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