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Jesusio Silva, Sushi Sora

Jesusio Silva

Sushi Sora

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Panelist Picks:

With Jesusio Silva

Week 3: What are your Top Favorite Burgers in Colorado?

  1. Republik of chicken at the golden mill Fresh meat !! 1/3 lbs patty on a nice brioche bun good cheese and fries
  2. The beer hall at Stanley market Big burgers with great flavors
  3. In and out Fresh food not bad for a chain restaurant
  4. Park burger Consistent !!

Week 2: What are your top 3 Favorite Spots to Grab a Cocktail?

  1. The Golden Mill – Lots of good options on beer and strong cocktails!!! On the self serve wall
  2. Stanley Market Beer Hall – Great burgers & good beer
  3. Sushi Sasa – Great cocktails and saki selection

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. Mr Tang – Good Korean food
  2. Corrida – Food is amazingly great
  3. Fruition – New chef he is a bad ass
  4. Sushi Sasa – Consistency is a key for Wayne Conwell and he is doing amazing
  5. Tacos al Chile at the golden mill – Taqueria estilo Monterrey like los agachados of Juan Rulfo

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