Discover the art of mixology with Clairette Wash Park and E.J. Psilas in our blog. Dive into the world of the 'Take It Easy' cocktail, featuring Komos Rosa Reposado Tequila and Tingala's tingflower spirit, for an unforgettable taste experience that embodies the eclectic spirit of Clairette. Join us as we explore the craft of cocktails, flavors, and unique sensations in every sip.

Tequila Transformed: The Take It Easy Cocktail

BY Steph Wilson


Clairette Wash Park and bartender E.J. Psilas have joined forces to tantalize your taste buds with a beverage that promises an unforgettable experience: the “Take It Easy” cocktail. Featuring Komos Rosa Reposado Tequila and Tingala’s unique tingflower spirit, this drink is far more than a mere libation; it explores flavors and sensations. Crafted by E.J. Psilas, a maestro in the craft cocktail realm, the Take It Easy perfectly encapsulates the eclectic spirit of Clairette.

Tequila with a French Twist 

When you think of tequila, you might envision wild spring break parties. However, Komos Rosa Reposado redefines ultra-luxury tequila, combining the highest craft of tequila-making and innovative winemaking techniques to create the first-ever 100-point rating (by Tasting Panel).  It’s as if tequila embarked on a sabbatical to study in the cellars of France’s finest wineries before returning as the most cultured spirit in town. This tequila shares stories of Mexican agaves intertwined with the elegance of French oak red wine barrels (aged for 65 days). Komos Rosa Reposado whispers of dark cherries, butterscotch, and even chocolate-covered strawberries on the finish. The barrel aging imparts the final product with a natural pink hue. Its ceramic bottle is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, each being a unique artwork.

A Perfect Union

Now, imagine combining the zesty zing of Tingala (this elixir offers a tingling sensation reminiscent of childhood Pop Rocks) with the cultured charm of Komos Rosa Reposado. The result is nothing short of magical. It’s a journey through flavors and sensations that only the most imaginative mixologists can conjure. This is where E.J. Psilas, a seasoned expert with two decades of industry experience, family recipes, European roots, and a flair for the dramatic, comes into play. His “Take It Easy” cocktail is a triumph of balanced irreverence, where mezcal’s smokiness dances with banana liqueur’s sweetness, and lavender rosé adds just the right touch of elegance.

Clairette Wash Park

Where Culinary and Cocktails Collide, Clairette Wash Park is the backdrop for this culinary and cocktail escapade. It has evolved from its ambitious predecessor, Au Feu Brasserie, to a welcoming and chic establishment that blends Mediterranean flair with its French roots. It’s a place where wood-fired grilled halloumi meets Denver’s vibrant soul.

The venue exudes warmth, inviting patrons to share experiences amid soft wooden touches, lush greenery, and an audacious neon sign that playfully challenges you to “fly.” Clairette’s commitment to locally sourced and sustainable ingredients is evident in every dish, from halloumi to the half-chicken basted with fall-spiced butter compound, all meticulously crafted by Chef Jeff Bloam.

A Sensory Journey at Clairette’s 

When you find yourself in search of a cocktail that promises a sensory journey, look no further than the “Take It Easy” at Clairette’s in Wash Park. A symphony of flavors and sensations will transport you to another realm. With Komos Rosa Reposado, Tingala, and E.J. Psilas’ creativity, Clairette’s is an experience that will leave you craving more. Savor the fusion of culinary artistry and mixology at its finest, and let your senses be delighted at Clairette Wash Park.

Location: 81 S. Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80209

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