The Best Food + Drink Events in Denver This week, January 3rd. – 7th.

BY Steph Wilson


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Get ready for an awesome week ahead jam-packed with mouthwatering events from January 3rd to 7th. Imagine indulging in Caramelized Beer Night by the Fire at New Terrain or catching Friday night pro-wrestling at Bierstadt Lagerhaus while sipping on fantastic brews. And for those craving luxury, don’t miss out on the Winter Truffle and Caviar Experience at Margot. Let’s kick off the New Year in style with delicious eats and drinks!

Wednesday, January 3rd.

Caramelized Beer Night by the Fire @ New Terrain

Got a thing for the cozy crackle of a wood fire? How about a frosty mug with a twist? Head over to New Terrain Brewing Co. in Golden this Wednesday, where they’re turning up the heat on your typical brew. It’s not just about sipping beer; it’s about transforming it. What does it entail? Red-hot metal rods, fresh from the blaze of a wood fire pit, plunged into your pint. The result is an intriguing mix of hot and cold as the foam rises, caramelizing the sugars and morphing the flavors. Bonus: This unique beer experience comes at no extra cost. Just pick your poison from their recommended Malty & Roasty brews or play beer alchemist with any tap offering. The fire’s lit from November through February, the first Wednesday of each month. Register at Vesta to secure your spot by the fire.

Thursday, January 4th.

Paella-Making Party @ Great Divide

Whether your New Year’s resolutions include socializing more, wielding a spatula with expert flair, or just learning something that doesn’t involve a screen, Classpop chef Kevin’s got your back. He’s leading a fun, interactive cooking class at New Terrain Brewing, imparting wisdom about how to make the perfect paella. Book it for $55 per person via Eventbrite.

Friday, January 5th

Bierhalle Brawl – Live Pro Wrestling @ Bierdstadt Lagerhaus

This recurring night of debauchery, held the first Friday of every month and led by the talent at Rocky Mountain Pro, is back and promises to be pure mayhem. If you’re into lagers and live pro wrestling sounds like your style of fun, head to the RiNo lagerhaus—home of the Slow Pour Pils—from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. to cheer and jeer while drinking biers as big as your head. More details here.

Sunday, January 7th

The Offal Party @ CSU Spur

Dive into the delicious and often overlooked world of organ meats at The Offal Party this Sunday (11 a.m.–1:30 p.m.) at CSU Spur. Hosted by Xatrucho Concepts, this inaugural event combines a feast of innovative Latin dishes with a chance to learn about their cultural and nutritional value. Mix and mingle with food enthusiasts, ranchers, and industry experts, and maybe get inspired for the Offal Business Plan Competition in 2025. Tickets are $60 on Eventbrite.

Every Sunday in January

Winter Truffle and Caviar Experience @ Margot

Sundays in January just got a glam upgrade at Margot. Think caviar that’s as hybrid as Denver’s weather and winter truffles with more character than a ski slope. And hey, there are bubbles too, because life’s too short for just water. Fork out $215 per person and make your Sundays sparkle. Reserve your spot via Tock.


Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a writer, editor, and creative maximalist in Denver. She makes magazines for a living and throws color around the world like confetti for fun.

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