What Are Kid Approved Restaurants in Denver?

BY DiningOut Staff


What Are Kid Approved Restaurants in Denver?

5 Restaurants in Denver That Your Kids Will Love!

As a parent, it can be difficult to grab a bite to eat in the city with kids in tow. They get bored easily and unless there is an electronic device in hand they will start to have ants in their pants. Parents know what I am talking about. 

If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Denver, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From pizza places to burger joints, there’s something to please every taste bud. To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together a list of some of our kid approved favorites. Keep reading for the details!

5 Restaurants in Denver That Your Kids Will Love!

As every parent knows, finding the perfect spot that will keep everyone happy can be a real challenge. But luckily, Denver is full of great restaurants that cater to both kids and adults alike! Whether you’re looking for a place to get some delicious food or just want somewhere fun to hang out with the family, these 5 spots are sure to fit the bill.

Ace Eat Serve

501 E 17th Ave 

Denver, CO 80203

This Denver area Asian-fusion restaurant will surely be a big hit with the kids. The kids meals are $9, served on an old school lunch tray and come with a complimentary ice cream or sorbet. In addition to some delicious asian food there are also ping-pong tables that can be rented for $25 an hour. You can make your dining experience a little competitive and the kids will love playing their families in a match!   


3651 Navajo Street


Located in LoHi, Acova is kid approved restaurants in Denver, this place has kid-friendly meals while at the same time donating to charity.  The kids menu is full of the classics that kids love, such as chicken tenders, grilled cheese and pb&j. In addition to having a kids menu full of kid favorites, $2 of every kid’s meal is donated to a local children’s charity. The charity rotates monthly and a list is available on the website. This is surely something that will entice community conscious parents and children alike. 

Downtown Aquarium

700 Water St


Denver’s Downtown Aquarium is more than just an aquarium- it’s a unique dining destination!

Kids will love dining in the restaurant after a day of exploring the aquatic exhibits. Inside the restaurant you are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling views of marine life at every table. You can dine beside the centerpiece, which is a 50,000 gallon aquarium. No child from newborn to teenager will be bored in this restaurant!

Sam’s No. 3

1500 Curtis St, Denver/ 435 S. Cherry St, Glendale/ 2580 S. Havana St., Aurora

Sam’s No. 3 is one of the oldest diners in Denver. It first opened in 1927 at 1527 Curtis Street. One thing’s for certain. Diners will always be popular with the kids. There are now three locations for Sam’s diners that locals can visit. In each you will find old-fashioned decor, vinyl countertops and retro-style signs, pictures and light fixtures. THe kids will love looking at how everything was back when their parents were born, in the “1900’s”. The menu also has classic kids favorites such as burgers and hot dogs and all-day breakfast.

Steuben’s Uptown

523 E 17th Ave, Denver

Another well-loved local diner, Steuben’s is a favorite of families and kids alike. Kids meals are served on nostalgic lunch trays to classic Colorado favorites like green chili cheeseburgers and Monte Cristo sandwiches. The children’s menu is full of entrees kids love along with a variety of bite-sized nibbles for the little ones to keep their hands and mouths full while awaiting the main courses.

Whatever you’re looking for, these five kid-friendly restaurants in Denver are sure to please everyone in the family. So next time you’re stuck on where to go for dinner, remember that there’s a spot out there for everyone – no matter how picky they may be! Try one of these great places next time you’re in town and let us know what you think!

Here are just a few more to check out:

Olive and Finch 

Cherry Cricket 

Culinary Dropout


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