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Where to Start When It Feels Like the World Is Ending

BY DiningOut Staff


Where to Start When It Feels Like the World Is Ending

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The world isn’t ending. Or, wait…COVID cases are up; maybe it is. But yesterday was great; things are going to be fine. Or are they?

Feel like you’re on a roller coaster? Us too. Stress, sadness, anxiety, and anger are normal emotions. But when they pop up suddenly with enough intensity to give you whiplash (or live in your gut like a boulder every moment of every day), when you jolt awake halfway through your sleep cycle and lie awake playing a loop of that awkward interaction with a four-top five years ago, when the only time you clear the already low bar of “I’m fiiiiiiine,” is when you’re three drinks in—it’s time to ask for help. That’s a daunting task at the best of times (and we all agree that now is definitely not the best of times). So this list of mental health resources, compiled by our partners at Eat Denver, is a handy starting point. When it feels like your world is coming apart at the seams—or even if you just want to take a break from the fake-smile eye crinkles you put on when you don your mask—the mental health resources listed below can help.

Emergency Services

COVID-Specific Mental Health Resources


Free Mental Health Screenings

Connecting with Others


In the Restaurant  

Resources for BIPOC Folks

Resources for LGBTQ+ Folks

Addiction & Substance Abuse

Classes and Certifications

Other Resources

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