That’s A Wrap

How one Denver restaurant is incorporating tech into its packaging to make for satisfied to-go customers.

Can It, Why Don’t Ya?

Are canned cocktails the next big thing? Bar duo McLain Hedges and Mary Allison Wright are betting on it.

Testing, Testing, 123

COVIDCheck Colorado is now offering free COVID tests with results within 72 hours through December 31.

Industry Reads & Recs

An eyeroll-inducing IPO, a meditation on the meal kit, a criminally underseen documentary series about regional Chinese cooking, and more.

Last Call for Action (and Maybe Family Farms)

Family farmers are stepping up for independent restaurants; here's why you should return the favor.

Duo of (Scape)goat

With COVID fatigue setting in, financial losses mounting, and what's effectively a second shutdown starting, its no wonder the F&B industry is starting to feel targeted.

CRA: Free Restaurant Legal Assistance Statewide

Businesses can get up to four free hours of legal assistance, plus resources for furloughed workers, and—as always—updates to the COVID dial.

EatDenver: The Curfew That Wasn’t, and Other Updates

Denver's non-curfew meets a sudden and ignominious end, a reminder on why that tent in your parking lot may still be considered indoor dining, and how to apply for free pickup and loading zone permits in Denver and Boulder.

Attention, Denver Patio Proprietors

Denver diners can still eat outside, so make sure they know about your heated patio. Here's how.

CRA: Last Call Times and Takeout

See what exactly Level Red restaurants can do after 8 p.m. and whether they can let guests inside to get takeout.

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