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Next-level fakery, comics that make you cry, and a dietary 180.

Farmer wearing traditional Chinese clothing going to work with water buffalo under huge banyan tree in misty morning sunshine .
Don't believe everything you see—especially in Xiapu County. / ©jasonyu1106/123RF.COM

Amazon’s evil plan is finally coming to fruition.

With a severe labor shortage playing out, there’s no reason hospitality workers need to take any old job. Ask these questions at your next job interview to ensure it’s a good fit. 

Why a prolific vegetarian cookbook author went veg to veal and is now loving chicken and corn dogs (and not of the Morningstar Farms variety).

We’re a little late to the game (Allie Brosh’s second book of comics, Solutions and Other Problems, was published last September) but considering it took Brosh seven years to pen her hilarious and gut-wrenching tome, it seems appropriate.

An idyllic and Instagrammable Chinese village turns out to be entirely staged.

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