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Elise Wiggins, Cattivella

Elise Wiggins


Chef/Owner Wiggins brings decades of restaurant experience to Cattivella including a 12-year stint as Executive Chef of Panzano named Best Italian by Westword and winner of multiple awards for food and service from The Denver Post, 5280 magazine, The American Culinary Federation and The American Automobile Association. She makes an annual pilgrimage to Italy to work with Italian chefs and learn the classic techniques and ingredients that she employs at Cattivella.

Panelist Picks:

With Elise Wiggins

Week 1: What are your top 5 favorite restaurants of 2022?

  1. Plimoth and Annett’s – I love these neighborhood jewels. Chef Pete perfectly and consistently executed classic dishes that always satisfies and never leaves me hungry not disappointed. Same thing applies to Caroline… she’s a master of bright clean flavors that compliment perfectly executed dishes. My palate dances and my tummy leaves happy every time.
  2. Leven Bakery – I’m a ducted to really good meals with fantastic ingredients that build and compliment food. An amazing sandwich from bread to ingredients truly haunts me. I don’t leave Central Park often but I will travel for no reason to get their Ruben sandwich.
  3. La Casita – Their tamales are the best. Tender masa and the best spicy pork green chili filing. They put more filling and less masa.
  4. Wolfs TailorBeautiful , clean and full flavors. Devil is in the details and they mail them with the quality ingredients and precise execution. I wish I lived closer to visit more often.
  5. Hop AlleyAddicted to the big bold flavors of his food! One of my faves is La Zi Ji! Spicy fried chicken with Sichuan chili spice…. This southern girl loves a big spicy kick!

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