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One thing Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters is proud of this year.

Ripe red coffee beans on branch ready for harvest against a green background.
Earlier this year, Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters and New Image Brewing teamed up to make a blond coffee ale from Ethiopian beans. / martinleber

One of Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters’ recent projects includes teaming up with New Image Brewing in Arvada and Waves for Water to promote global water conservation.

“We collaborated with New Image to craft a coffee blonde ale, brewed using a process that uses little or no water from the Dumerso washing station, a family-owned and -operated production near Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The delicate floral and sweet plum notes of the coffee pair well with the ale, without overpowering the beer. We named this coffee Making Waves to signify the continuing effect of the coffee seed’s journey. Part of the proceeds from the beer and coffee sales will be donated to Waves for Water.” —Beth Johnson, Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters, Frisco

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