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Denver’s Best Burgers

Looking for the best burger in Denver? Check out our list of the top restaurants, voted on by our Tastemakers!

Enjoying a great burger with a bed of fries is a classic American pastime, and finding the best burger in Denver is an enormous undertaking. To help us rise to the challenge, we asked our panel of DiningOut Tastemakers to name their favorite burger in Denver. Eighty-eight votes were cast for 54 different restaurants. And now, we’ve got the top results to share with you!

My Brother’s Bar (7 votes)

2376 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

My Brother’s Bar takes the top spot with seven votes from our esteemed panel. Located at 15th and Platte, this is an OG Denver burger spot that’s been flipping patties since the ’70s. The overwhelming favorite is their JCB burger (Jalapeño Cream Cheese Burger), though according to Kevin Burke, not if you have an upcoming cardiology checkup. 

You can also dial it in with their Double Johnny, which adds American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, and Grilled Onions to the patty. 

“[The Double Johnny Burger] never fails; the no-frills simplicity is all about the flavor and consistency. You will whet your appetite and your hands, but well worth it.” – Tony Zarlenga

The Cherry Cricket (4 Votes)

2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Another Denver classic, The Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek, has an incredible BYO menu with endless combinations of patties, toppings, and sides. Don’t sleep on their recommended burgers, especially the Cricket made with smoked gouda, grilled onions, and avocado.

Park Burger (4 Votes)

2615 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

Park Burger ties The Cherry Cricket and Snarfburger for second place, priding themselves on using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Their menu consistently serves up delicious burgers, including their Bleu Royal topped with caramelized onions, bleu cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.

“Long time fan of their Bleu Royal.” – Bre Phippen

Snarfburger (4 Votes)

1001 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Any Coloradoan who hears “snarf” knows they’re in for a tasty meal, and Snarfburger is proof. 

With two locations in Denver and one in Boulder, they embody a classic burger joint, serving quality food for good prices in a fun atmosphere. Their menu is straight to the point with all taste, and no frills.

“The double is just SO burger.” – Eric Elkins, sums it up.

“If you love a quick, to-go burger then this is it! When I’m in the mood for a classic cheeseburger, they do it right.” – Bre Phippen


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